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While the region improves its customs procedure, they are still often difficult and complex to navigate-duty rates, customs clearance and entry processes differ in each country, and tariff classifications or duty declaration can bean intricate affair. S.K.Y. Interfreight Co.,ltd has operated successfully through out the region for many years, and is fully conversant in all the customs procedures or cress-border issues you are likely to confront.

Customs and Security intatives are also imposing new regulations on your shipment, but with S.K.Y. Interfresight co.,ltd 's in-depth and  up-to date knowledge and experience in international trade, you can be sure that we will keep your cargo moving with no hidden surprises. S.K.Y. Interfresight co.,ltd work closely with government agencies to ensure that we are always aware of any changes to regional trade regulations.

S.K.Y. Interfresight co.,ltd  ensures that your shipments leave on time, every time, by our customs brokers guaranteeing that your cargo will comply with each country's customs needs.